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Brain foods for tweens and teens: an e-guide 

A must have resource for all tweens, teens and those who care about them

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Here's what you'll get...


A comprehensive 26 page guide with instant access to 3 totally free bonus resources.


You can access the content at different levels. Great for teachers, parents/carers and tweens and teens themselves, regardless of their stage of development.

Relevance for all

Some young people get labels like dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, FASD or gifted and talented. Eating well helps us ALL make the best of our brains.

Fresh thinking

If you're stuck for ideas this guide has got plenty of inspiration with practical meal and snack ideas as well as recipes and life hacks.

Fad free facts

As always with Eating Mindset everything is rooted in science. No fads, no quackery.

Realistic goals

Pick the changes that work for you and leave the rest for others. No guilt. I'm all about enjoying food and enjoying life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this all about exam success?

Absolutely not!! Our brains do much more than help us pass exams. Brains enable us to organise our daily lives, be creative, sleep well, manage our appetite, enjoy physical activity and sport. A well fed brain will also help young people focus, remember things and organise information. That will make studying easier, but it's about the joy of learning not just exam results.

Will this help my very picky eater?

Yes definitely. The guide includes lots of practical information about different ways to prepare and serve food that will help older, extreme picky eaters work towards a more varied diet. Please also see the information on my socials (@eatingmindset) to help you decide if you need specialist assessment and support. Get in touch using the box below for information about upcoming events, specifically designed to support families struggling with this issue.

Can I use this to make lesson plans?

It's great to support teachers and home schoolers, so yes of course! Please reference Eating Mindset as the information is protected by copyright. I can also work with your school on nutrition projects, so do get in touch using the box below.

What if my child has a neurodevelopmental condition?

The guide was designed with all brains in mind. Autistic, ADHD, FASD, dyslexic, dyspraxic brains and brains impacted by psychological or physical trauma can all benefit. 

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